Birthday at Trois Mec

paisleynotplaid Trois Mec

For my birthday, my husband took me to a restaurant that we’ve been curious to try for the longest time: a pop-up restaurant by Chef Ludo Lefebvre called Trois Mec. Most people aren’t aware of its location because it’s hidden inside of what used to be a pizzeria.

paisleynotplaid Trois MecOne of the many things that makes this restaurant unique is that there are tickets rather
than reservations needed to attend the dinner. Since there are only 24 seats in the restaurant, tickets (purchased on their website) constantly sell out. Ben and I had tried a few times without luck (it honestly felt like we were trying to buy tickets for a Beyonce concert) and were ecstatic when we finally scored. The ticket includes a 5 course tasting menu that changes throughout the year.


There were 4 “snacks” to begin the meal. Above are 2 of them: crispy tapioca with passion fruit and garlic bread (the best piece I’ve ever had!)

paisleynotplaid Trois Mec

The dishes were served on beautiful plates made by Heath Ceramics.

Above is the 3rd course: Radish, burnt bread, fromage blanc, furikake.paisleynotplaid Trois Mec

Above left is the 1st course: Carrots, hay, cultured coconut milk, white chocolate emulsion, ramps.

Above right, 2nd course: Avocado, citrus, crab ceviche, buckwheat popcorn.

paisleynotplaid Trois Mec

We were seated up at the bar which gave us an amazing view of the kitchen. All night we watched the chefs at work, creating the incredible dishes seen above. One of my favorite details of the dinner was that the restaurant offered a non-alcoholic drink pairing with every course. Since Ben and I don’t drink alcohol, we usually miss out on the “fancy drink” portion of fine dining. It is rare for a restaurant to offer non-alcoholic pairings, and especially rare that they make all of the drinks in house, which Trois Mec does.

All in all, it was a lovely and memorable birthday dinner. If we are lucky enough to pull off getting tickets for Trois Mec again, I would happily go to see what new, inventive dishes they have in store.

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  1. How very special – I love watching the chefs work too, it’s like a crazily orchestrated dance and how everything works is really beyond me

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