Spring Dreaming


It’s technically Spring for another week so I wanted to share this playlist while I still can…although I wouldn’t be opposed if you listened to it in the summertime. Hope you enjoy!

20 Comments on “Spring Dreaming

  1. sneaking a peek into someone else’s playlist has always been my (not-so) secret guilty pleasure! thanks for sharing this (; brilliant.

    also, thank you very much for leaving me a comment. it totally made my day!
    ps: i love your name Paisley Grey x

    • Thanks! I’m so glad there are a few you didn’t know too…discovering new music is always so much fun.

    • Anouka,
      Aww, haha! You aren’t out of touch! I probably just have a really weird taste in music ;-P

  2. Great playlist! I’m not familiar with all of them but I love all types of music. I’m going to go through and see which ones click with me.

    • Carla,
      I’m curious to know which tracks you like! I should make a workout playlist for you! :)

  3. great list! i’m listening to them and loving all!

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